Fatigue Update

I've hesitated writing this post for a long time, mostly because I've thought,
"Who wants to hear more complaining about being tired? Aren't most of us tired most of the time?" 
Particularly parents. The free time is scarce and to have any takes work and planning. Put it on the calendar. Set up the babysitter. Plan ahead the meals, etc. Even free time is work.

Then I decided to update this in case I could help anyone else out there experiencing similar symptoms.

I remember being tired and staying tired ever since A. was born in March 2010. She started to sleep better, but I didn't. I was stressed and couldn't relax my mind. I finally worked through some of those issues in 2011 and eventually obtained good stretches of sleep, 7-8 hours long. But I was still cranky, snippy at my children and hubby, and exhausted. I began to feel depressed and a little helpless. I couldn't imagine beginning an exercise regimen, but I knew it could help, so I did some Yoga and Jillian Michaels DVDs a couple of times per week. I actually remember yawning about 15 minutes into a Jillian DVD and thinking,
"My heart rate is up pretty good. I should not be yawning!"
Despite my attempts, I didn't feel much difference in my energy level.

Finally in early 2012, I went back to my nurse-midwife who counseled me about my Mirena IUD. After much trouble shooting and questions, she ordered a round of labs and determined that my ferritin (iron stores) were depleted! DOH. I've had iron troubles in the past, but never thought that would be an issue now since I am a regular blood donor. At the blood bank, they always check my iron, right? But that's hemoglobin. A totally different reading.

On Thursday I go back for my ferritin recheck. I've been on a supplement that I took during pregnancy, also, called Floradix Iron + Herbs. It is a different type of iron from what my CNM recommended, however. I'm still feeling tired, but I don't think as badly as I once was. I'm no longer in that tired, foggy state all day. But this morning, I woke up feeling so draggy, even after a solid 8 hours sleep! What up??

And, yes, I'm also trying to incorporate more spinach, kale, and other iron rich foods into my diet on a regular basis. On a regular basis is my challenge. I'd like to eat less meat for other health reasons, but I find that if I back off from the beef too much, the fatigue will creep back a few weeks later.

Baby steps are definitely the answer for me in creating life long habits of any kind. Exercising is another one. I'd like to share another update soon regarding my fitness journey. I need to get it written, as I don't want to forget how far I've come.

5/20 Update: I forgot to mention that I have been forbidden to donate more blood. It depleted my iron stores. I'm still sad. My O- blood was tagged for babies, and it was an easy way to give back. :(


My First 5k! at the 2012 ComfortCare Annual Stride for Life

My journey toward improved wellness and the Tough Mudder Meetup group has lead me to work toward running a 5k on May 12 to support ComfortCare Women's Health

You may be wondering, what is "ComfortCare Women's Health?" In short, it is a Christian-based organization in which the the bulk of their patient counseling occurs for women with unplanned pregnancies. 

Z & A are now 4 and 2, and they were definitely "planned"; however, I honestly cannot imagine what my life would be like without them! 

As you may know, I had a planned home birth with Ahila. You might imagine how important to me it is for women of all ages be educated, informed, and therefore empowered. So, this year I am running my first ever 5k to raise money for this wonderful organization. On a selfish note, I hope to improve my health while I'm at it! 

Can you give to this cause on my behalf and support my run? I appreciate your support! Even a small amount can go a long way. Thank you so much! 

Visit my fundraising page here: 

2012 ComfortCare Annual Stride for Life


Looking for Tough Mudders

Back in February, I received a notice about a Meetup group inviting me to train for a Tough Mudder event in September. The recommended training seems grueling, much less the event itself. I'm still soul searching and considering the event itself, but have begun participating in the training group to get my exercise butt into gear. Anyone care to join us? Wanna get muddy??? We're working toward building our running endurance right now and are looking forward to a 5k coming up in May. More on that later!

Below are some clips about the Tough Mudder event.


What Could've or Would've Been

Today (2/11/07), 5 years ago, was our angel baby's due week. It is so hard to imagine the possibility of having a 5-year-old right now instead of our 2 amazing gifts. God truly works in mysterious ways. I dedicate this post to our angel, and to ComfortCare Women's Health. Check out their important ministry at ifitspositive.com.